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Wisdom of the Ages

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When we reach our 70s, we’ve had decades to develop resilience and wisdom. We have learned that happiness is a skill and a choice. We look for humor, love, and beauty in each day. We’ve acquired a knack for appreciating life. We may not have control, but we have choices. There is an amazing awareness as we age. As much is taken away, we find more to love and appreciate. Someone once said, “When I was young I needed a hike to the top of a mountain to experience bliss. Now I can feel it when I look at a rose in my garden.” Age teaches us the importance of reasonable expectations. We know that all our desires will not be fulfilled, that the world isn’t organized around pleasing us, and that others are not waiting for our opinions and judgments. We know that the joys and sorrows of life are as mixed together as salt and water in the sea. We don’t expect perfection. A good book, a piece of homemade pie, or a call from a friend can make us happy.

We are kinder to ourselves as well as more honest and authentic. Our people-pleasing selves soften their voices and our true selves speak more loudly and more often. We can say no to anything we don’t want to do. We can listen to our hearts and act in our own best interest. We are less driven and more able to live in the moment with all its lovely possibilities.

There is a sweetness to 50-year-old friendships and marriages that can’t be described in words. We know each other’s vulnerabilities, flaws and gifts; we’ve had our battles and yet are grateful to be together.

By the time we are 70, we have all had more tragedy and more bliss in our lives than we could have foreseen. If we are wise, we realize that we are but one drop in the great river we call life and that it has been a miracle and a privilege to be alive.

Something to Think About
Age is just a number, but aging is the peak of beauty. Our entire lifetime is dedicated to the goal of reaching old age. It is a period of life that experiences the zenith of wisdom, grace, and maturity. The body ages, but the mind remains forever young. Growing old is everybody’s chance to discover the beauty of mind. It is a time to look forward to in this journey called life.

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