Tolerance, Acceptance, & Understanding

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Let’s talk about tolerance. Everywhere we turn right now there feels like so much upheaval and turmoil. That can feel scary and overwhelming. The good news (and there is always good news) – is that it is creating opportunities to have real conversations about tolerance and acceptance. Tolerance is defined as a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc. may differ from our own. It is truly a virtue, and a version of the Golden Rule which says that if we want others to treat us decently, we need to treat them decently as well.

Acceptance goes a step beyond tolerance and is even more important.  If tolerance is a feeling of, “I can live with X (behavior, religion, race, culture, etc.),” then acceptance is saying “X is OK.” You can tolerate something without accepting it, but you cannot accept something without tolerating it. Acceptance does not attempt to change but respects the viewpoints or differences of others.

After tolerance and acceptance comes the important process of understanding which requires education and research. Tolerance and/or acceptance are desirable, but they are not a substitute for understanding. They are relevant for getting along with others in the world and understanding makes tolerance and acceptance easier.

Something to Think About
If there is something that is difficult for you to tolerate or accept, perhaps the answer lies in research. Learning is a powerful thing for progress.

Weekly Activity
Think about how tolerance and acceptance are playing out in your own life and business. What topics do you want to lean into and learn more about so that you can apply fresh a fresh lens of understanding.

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