Take Time for Your Dreams

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I hope you have a great first week in the New Year. We are also at the beginning of a new decade. Here’s a question for you: What do you really want out of life? What do you have passion and desire for that would be good for you and good for the world? You were designed with special talents to do special things. Sometimes, we let the “weeds” in our lives keep us from accomplishing the things we would love to do.

So, what are your weeds? A relationship that is a black hole? A lack of energy? Fear of repeating past failures? Being a caretaker for the entire world?

Here is a tip: You don’t have to solve all those weeds before you get to what you love. In fact, if you try to solve them first, you’ll never get to “you.” Do this instead — take out your calendar and block out two hours in the next two weeks that are about the dream, whatever that looks like. Preserve the time, fight for it, insist on it.  Use your two hours to work on your dream.  You’re worth it.

Something to Think About
People who accomplish great things do them first and solve the “weeds” second.  There will always be distractions, to-do lists, time pulls… Put your passion at the top of priorities so that this year is YOUR year to bring them to fruition.

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