Stop Sweating The Small Stuff

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This week’s message is to Stop sweating the small stuff. By the way, it’s all small stuff!  Whether it’s dirty footprints on a clean floor, small dirty hands on your clean clothes as they embrace you, bad hair days, rough days at the office, exhaustion, or one of the hundred other small things that sometimes cause us stress or derail or plans. It’s OK!

Instead, laugh more, love more, forgive often, smile irresistibly, be spontaneous, and at times, impetuous. Reach out to others when your heart is overflowing and share the love.  These are the things that define life, and there are qualities that will allow you to give the world the best that you have!

Something to Think About
It’s so easy to let the little stuff derail your day, your life, or your dreams. But, believe it or not, it’s equally easy to stop doing that. When life throws stuff your way, take a minute to acknowledge that it’s just stuff, and remember the phrase, “this too shall pass”. Then, choose to focus on the good and let that good lead to action that can help you stay on track.

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