Live Your Dream Life

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Everyone has dreams, and everyone has the amazing potential to do incredible things. If we took a stroll back through history and paid close attention to the people who lived great lives or accomplished great things, we would see that they almost always listened to their own voices or followed their passion.

To live your dream life, you must keep the faith! As you pursue your ideal life, you are going to be tested time and time again. You may want to quit, you might doubt yourself, or you might think that you are on the wrong path. But if you want to truly live the life of your dreams, you also need a plan, and action steps to keep you pushing forward.

The same goes for when you actually arrive. Once everything comes to you, i.e. the money, the success, and the freedom, you’ll likely have moments of doubt. You’ll wonder, is this it? You may doubt and wonder if what you’ve achieved is what you really wanted. To avoid this, be sure to remain vigilant in your awareness of why you decided to create this life for yourself in the first place.

Something to Think About
James Allen, in his book, As a Man Thinketh, said: “We ourselves are makers of ourselves.” It means that we get credit for the successes as well as the failures. So let’s go for that dream life.

Weekly Activity
This week, find a quiet place and write out what your ideal dream life would look like. What will it take to get there? What are you willing to sacrifice, and when do you want to achieve it? Put together an action plan with steps to achieve that life that you want.

Words of Wisdom
Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom. – Albert Einstein

Authentic freedom is actually the freedom of knowing who you are, why you are here, your purpose in life, and where you are going when you leave here.  – Wayne Dyer

Freedom lies in being bold. – Robert Frost

There’s no point in spending your finest hours climbing mountains, only to realize that at the end of your life you climbed the wrong ones. – Robin Sharma

Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit. – Napoleon Hill

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