Laughter is the Best Medicine

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Laughter is the medicine of the soul. It is an illustration of joy, happiness, personality, character, mood,and situation. It is pure human expression. It also provides you with greater physical health, helps you cope with everyday situations and gives you more happiness. Here are 5 facts about laughter and how it brings balance to your life:

  1. Humor and laughter instantly relax you. When you laugh, you are cheerful, upbeat, playful, light-hearted, you let go, vent, relax and unwind.
  2. Laughter gives you a workout.The diaphragm gets a great workout when we laugh heartily. Our respiration is enhanced, blood pressure is lowered and the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream increases. Ever laughed so much it hurt? The movement of the diaphragm also stimulates surrounding organs, such as the stomach, kidneys, and liver, acting as an internal massage.
  3. University studies show laughter stimulates the immune system, lowers blood pressure and increases the number and activity of disease-fighting killer cells. These are all-natural endorphins that free us of pain and illness.
  4. Laughter and your sense of humor lighten any load and give you a greater ability to see change as challenging, not threatening. It gives you the capacity to cope with stress in ways that are positive, uplifting and successful. Humor and laughter give us a sense of self-protection and control over our environment.
  5. Laughter creates a lighthearted spirit. When you are troubled, feeling low, depressed or down, the experience of laughter banishes feelings of loneliness, anger, and fear. Humor and laughter can transcend any predicament with feelings that are lighthearted, carefree and hopeful. Humor has the power to turn any situation around by drawing our attention away from upsets.

May your week be filled with laughter and amazing opportunities! I’m here to help if you need anything!

Something to Think About
When you experience more laughter, smiles and feel carefree, your happiness increases your energy and reaches out to those around you.  Laughter is a medicine that the world needs more of.

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