Exercise Your Power

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Each of us actually has a well of unlimited, and sometimes, untapped power at our disposal. For most, it’s a matter of believing in it, trusting it, and then harnessing it.  How would you like to use YOURS? To help yourself succeed? To be part of something bigger? To help others where you can?

It is amazing what we can do as human beings when we tap into our voice and value systems to make the world around us even the tiniest bit better. I love the story of 6- year-old Ryan Hreljac as a heady example of what’s possible. As a first-grade student, Ryan learned about the devastating consequence for people without access to safe drinking water. He rallied his community to help him raise the money needed to build one well in Uganda, Africa. 20 years later, Ryan’s Well Foundation consists of a team of people committed to providing access to safe water and sanitation as a way to improve lives in developing countries.  Ryan’s Well Foundation has raised over $1 million for 878 water projects and 1,120 latrines in 16 countries. He believed in something and used his power to make a difference.

Ryan’s story is extraordinary, especially when you consider how many would not give a whole lot of credence to how much power a first grader could have.  Now, imagine how much power YOU have.  Imagine the difference you make and can make in ways both big and small in the world around you. Tap into it. Believe in it. Harness it. The world needs more of that!

Something to Think About
Ryan’s parents are also the heroes in this story. It would have been easy to look into the eyes of their 6-year-old son and explain that there was nothing he could do to change conditions on the other side of the world, but they didn’t. They gave him the power and the encouragement to follow his convictions and passion. Together? They made a difference in the world.

Weekly Activity
Take a look inside and start discovering and believing in the power that you have to create and influence change. You don’t have to create a “foundation” to make a difference. Even simple acts of kindness and service improve the world. What do YOU want to do?

Words of Wisdom
When you allow a person’s words to upset you, you’re giving away your power. – Phil McGraw

Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful. – Zig Ziglar

To be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will. – Sugar Ray Robinson

When you react, you are giving away your power. When you respond, you are staying in control of yourself. – Bob Proctor

If you focus on the actions of others and allow them to constantly upset you, then you are handing your peace over to them and giving away your power. – Victoria Olsteen

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