Believe or Leave

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There is a sign in the Yankee’s locker room that says, “Believe or Leave”.  That’s a strong statement. If you don’t believe, you can leave. The Yankees, as well as other winning teams know that the team matters most, not the individual players. That’s why the New York Yankees, winners of 27 World Series, have never put their players’ names on their jerseys, only their numbers. It’s a reminder to each player, and the fans, that it’s the team that wins.

The statement “Believe or Leave” applies to every day life as well.  When life throws you a curve ball, you can put your trust and faith in the bigger picture and believe that you can make it through, regardless of the circumstances, or you can turn around and leave. It’s your choice, but don’t forget, you always have a team of people in your life who are there to support you when needed.  Your friends, family, and co-workers are right there to cheer you on, so play to win!

Something to Think About
T.E.A.M. really does stand for “Together, Each Achieves More”, at home, work or on the field.

Weekly Activity
This week, believe in yourself, play to win, and be sure to intentionally cheer FOR members of your team at home and at work.

Words of Wisdom
“Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe.” – Bob Ross

“Making things happen in your life requires a faith, or an ability to believe that is unshakable, regardless of your circumstances.” –  Les Brown

“A believer . . . is never disturbed because other persons do not see the fact which he sees.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The fact is, you do not believe what you see, but rather, you see what you already believe. Your deeply held beliefs distort your worldview and cause you to see things not the way they are but the way you are.” – Brian Tracy

“Our beliefs led us to make certain decisions about what is valuable to us as human beings. As the day goes by, we choose to do whatever we think is valuable.” – Jim Rohn

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